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oung female Sandy was appearing behind the seemingly minimal artistry. Karen helped him with his wig, though, showing him enough to keep it looking good throughout the day. It was clear that all the xxx video hindi trainees would xxx bp let their hair grow so learning how to put on a wig was not in itself a xnxx vital skill. Once it was in place, though, the recruits needed to know how to care for it xxx bf just as though it were japan xxx permanent. Transformation complete, Sandy stood up and smiled at her helpers. "Thank you," she said softly. Neither Kathy nor Krystal had seen her transformation before. They mom xxx just stood open-mouthed, looking at each other with unconscious comparison and realizing that with the possible exception of Karen, Sandy was the prettiest among them. And desi xxx Karen didn't have Sandy's xxx mom gorgeous mane of richly-dark hair, nor her tiny waist, however forced that smallness was. Their shocked appraisal, even envy, was so apparent on their faces that Sandy giggled in delight. She hugged Karen quickly in wordless thanks, then lifted one delicately-shaped eyebrow in question. "What's next?" "Oh," replied xxx com Kathy as she recovered from her amazement, "you need to go to brunch. Go ahead." Krystal added, "I'll be in the study room at the opposite end of the hall. When you're free of your xxx sexy other appointments, come by and we'll start to talk fashions. japan xxx I also want to xxx vidio listen xxx .com to you speak for a while so we can work on feminizing your bokep xxx voice. Your soft tones are a good start, but phrasing and inflections xxx hot video have a long xxx hindi way to go." Sandy nodded and turned for the door. When she got to the bf xxx dining area, she found for once that she wasn't first. Jaymi Fox was already there, her blouse in the dark wine red color that had been selected to set off her chocolate eyes. Carol Stevenson arrived next, her makeup xxx bokep skills as effective, yet subtle as she had displayed the night before. It was apparent she was going to capitalize on her crystal blue eyes with a matching royal blue poet's blouse that made her copper hair seem incredibly fiery. Unlike the smooth waves that fell to Sandy's waist, Carol's hair was tightly curled and gonzo xxx dropped only to her collar. It seemed to fit her, somehow, bouncing like coiled springs in a way that porn xxx promised a volatile temperament that did justice to the promise of her hair. The last of their team arrived shortly after, the blonde that Beech hadn't really met yet. She sunny leone xxx video was stunning in a lean, elegant way, dressed in a black blouse that made her youtube videos golden hair glow like sexo xxx a halo. All the trainees betrayed a little hesitation as they walked in their higher heels. They were learning that the increment from three to four inch heels was a great xxx video com a challenge as the increment from flats to three- inch spikes. How would they ever manage the six-inch towers that had xxx movie been promised? The four remaining trainees moved together in a mutual desire for companionship. Sandy smiled at the girl she didn't yet know very well and introduced herself again, "Hello, I'm Sandy Beech. I know we met before, but I must admit I don't remember your name." The blonde smiled automatically sexo xxx in return, chuckling a little xxx. at the pun that had named Sandy long before this mission, then dropped her eyes in embarrassment. "No one seemed to like the name I chose xxx hd video anyway. free xxx My real xxx free name is Stan White, and I was going to call myself Sharon, like Sharon Stone, but the others said I just didn't look like a Sharon." "Well, you're certainly pretty sunny leone xxx enough," Carol joined in, but your femme name should be xxx porn obvious." The others looked at her without comprehension. Carol let them porno xxx wonder for a moment, not noticing that Marilyn and the ever-close Constance had walked up behind them porn as she paused. "I think that Stan White should become the elegant, yet vivacious blonde Vanna White," she laughed. All the team members, except the newly-christened Vanna, burst into one or another expressions of mirth ranging from the refined chuckle of the always-elegant Constance through girlish xxx putas giggles from Carol and Sandy. It was clear that Vanna had her name, and this time Sandy xxx hd video knew she would have no trouble remembering it. They hd xxx moved to the brunch, not a buffet this time, but xxx porn video places set around a single round table large enough for all six. Servers arrived with the first course, small in portion since they all knew the limitations imposed by their corsets. Marilyn deliberately kept the conversation light, but made a point of addressing each of them by their femme names at every opportunity. That drew xxx photo from them a xxx photos reciprocal use of her name, rather than ma'am, indian xxx video and soon their previous training in how to address a female officer was being overridden by the new standard. The meal was the first xxx com really relaxing time since they had arrived at the compound, all the more surprising since half of their number had been eliminated xxx jepang within little more than a day. As the brunch drew to a close, Constance spoke up in her executive officer voice, "May indian xxx I have your attention, please, ladies? It's now just after 11:00. You may all have the xxx vid time until noon to relax and repair your makeup after the meal. Carol, you're due to the infirmary at 12:00, then free xxx Jaymi, Vanna, japanese xxx and Sandy at one hour intervals. There are signs starting just outside the lodge to show you the right path. It's a couple of hundred yards away, so you'll all get plenty of practice in your heels, but the path is paved and I'm sure you can make it. We'll video xxx do the interviews with xxx vids Marilyn in the lounge where we had our xxx hamster cocktails last night, in reverse order, so Sandy, you'll be first. Any questions?" "When will we be operated on?" Vanna asked. "That will indo xxx depend on the doctor's evaluation," Constance tamil xxx explained, "but you can expect xxx vids it within the next few days." The silence that followed indicated that no other questions were forthcoming, so Marilyn stood up. The team followed suit and soon were dispersed to their rooms. Sandy had no trouble bringing her makeup back filme xxx to the understated magic that made her seem like a delicate flower. Since she had a few moments to spare, she sat in an easy chair in her room and propped her aching feet up. They certainly weren't used to these heels, yet. Walking a couple of hundred yards (and back) over a mature xxx paved path didn't sound xxx movies like a xxx sex videos lot of fun, but she could hamster xxx see that it wasn't unreasonable. Anyway, she didn't have to do that until xxx gonzo later in the afternoon. She felt xxx hd videos herself almost dozing off in the japanese xxx chair and roused with a start to check the time. hamster xxx Just enough to comb her hair into shining perfection and sway with the sensuous grace made necessary by her heels and corset toward the lounge. Marilyn waited for her, all alone. This was the first time that Constance xxx porn videos had not been hovering near the breathtaking blonde. She seemed vulnerable, an impression heightened by the swollen lip that marred her hd xxx perfection. A little closer look and Sandy could see puffiness about her eye that promised to darken into a film xxx spectacular shiner, if it porn hadn't already and been covered by cosmetic xxx indo magic. Marilyn sat in an easy chair, legs crossed elegantly and with perfect femininity. Her own skirt xxx porno was just as short as those worn by the other team members, xxx free but somehow she had managed to tuck porno xxx it under her in a way that hinted at forbidden fruits without revealing them. "Come in, Sandy, right on time. Get yourself a soft drink if you'd like." The suggestion triggered a xnxx raging thirst in Sandy's throat, or perhaps it was just dry from the tension of the sex xxx meeting. What would this interview involve? Sandy had thought she was doing well, but she had distinctly heard Marilyn assess her with a C earlier, while all the other girls were somewhere in the B range. The green-eyed beauty walked over to the snack area and got a soda to give her video xxx a moment more to xxx .com compose herself, but the stall was over all too soon and she found herself settling into a chair near Marilyn, remembering at xxx bf the last instant to smooth her own brief skirt into place. "So, Sandy, tell me what xxx desi you think now about our situation." "I don't know what to say. It's been an unbelievable couple of days," Sandy replied carefully. Then after a pause, she continued, "Frankly, I'm worried xxx porn about making the filme xxx grade. If we've lost this many in xxx video hindi only two xxx indian days, how will I ever last out a year?" "You're doing fine," assured Marilyn. "In fact, you're doing the best of all the new recruits. That's one of the things we need to talk about. desi xxx video You're sunny leone xxx video an obvious leader among the girls. I'm planning to announce a promotion for you at dinner this evening. You're going to be xxx xxx formally recognized as third in command behind myself and Connie." Sandy's surprise must have showed on her face. She had expected this bokep xxx interview to be a dreaded "counseling" session, telling her to improve or face banishment to the xxx tube barracks xxx indo compound. Instead, Marilyn was porn xxx praising her. youtube videos The shock of hindi xxx her unexpected promotion took her breath away, even the little that was allowed www xxx video by her corset, and she sagged back in the chair. "What's the matter?" asked Marilyn solicitously. "Nothing, it's just, well, vidio xxx I thought xxx hindi video you were disappointed in xxx hd videos me," Sandy answered. "Whyever for?" "Well, earlier, when you were grading us girls, I heard you say the others were all in the B range, maybe B+ or B-, but I heard you say I was a C. I didn't know what I had xxx sexy done wrong." Marilyn's laugh burst out a little too xxx gay forcefully for the delicate femininity of her appearance, teen xxx but it was too much for her to contain. She laughed until she finally took a sip of her lemonade, wincing as the tart mix touched her tender lip, then she calmed down enough to speak. "Oh, Sandy, you're so precious. Nothing xxx movies could be further from the truth. I wasn't grading you like a school porno xxx teacher. I xxx video download was deciding just how much to enhance your bust. You're going to get full C cup tits, girl. You'll be spectacular. I'm afraid the other girls will end up somewhere between elegant, like Connie, and tomboyish. They're all xxx video hd going to be beautiful, but on the lean side. It shows in their face and in their motions. We'll need to accept that and build on it, so they'll be average in bust at most, maybe a little xxx sex small. You, on the other hand, have already sexo xxx shown a natural talent for this that's amazing. We're going to turn you into the shapeliest, most sensual girl on xxx indian the team. You'll be curvier and prettier than any of the others. The plan videos xxx was to have a variety of looks to make sure we blended in. Connie has convinced me to go the xxx video hd blonde bombshell route, and I'm already practicing xxx indian my airhead routines. You, on the other hand, are going to be so hot that men will be consumed if they approach, but just like moths to a flame they will be compelled to move closer. I think we'll work a little sadness, a damsel-in-distress look into your style. You used that with terrific effect last night with xxx gonzo the waiter. Believe me, Sandy, dear, you're doing wonderfully." With this assurance, www xxx Sandy xxx relaxed and recovered a bit. She took a sip of her own drink, then smiled at Marilyn, "You really think so? I'll be beautiful?" "You're already beautiful," Marilyn confirmed, "but you're going to be unbelievable. Let's see, your instructor in fashion and feminine deportment is, um, Krystal, right?" Sandy nodded, noting for the www xxx com first xxx porn videos time xxx sexy video that Marilyn had no notes or other aids to memory. It was clear xxx tube that there was a highly-capable mind behind those xxx sex video shining blue jewels. The thought of Marilyn acting out an airhead persona, like Marilyn Monroe had done so often, raised a twinkle in Sandy's eyes as she envisioned this Marilyn in some of gonzo xxx those old movie scenes. Then she paid attention xxx porno as Marilyn went desi xxx video on. "Tell Krystal what I just told you. Tell xxx sexy video her I want you to be sensual but not cheap. Vulnerable sunny leone xxx in a way that invites protectors. But tell her I want eyeballs to snap whenever you enter a room. She'll know what xxx videos I mean. In the meantime, don't worry xxx v about peliculas xxx washing out. We're actually at the team size I wanted. We've thrown some shocks at all of you right up front to weed out those who don't have the right desire. That's what's most important, that and a little talent. The hamster xxx girls that are left all have xxx hd videos what we xxx vid need, you most of all. From here on out we'll help you through the rough spots." "Does that include that El Supremo instructor?" Marilyn's face took on a sharper look, phim xxx and Sandy knew she was about to be tested again as the blonde asked, "Did you notice anything unusual about that situation?" The pretty brunette hesitated a moment before answering. She was a lot happier now that Marilyn had explained where she stood, but Sandy knew that she and all the trainees would be continually challenged, mentally, physically, every way that Marilyn and Constance could devise. This question was on her powers of observation at a level beyond simply recounting the facts. When she had www sexvid xxx her thoughts together, she replied, "Well, that's the only instructor that has been disrespectful, and the only one that you've treated disrespectfully. It's obvious from naming him El Supremo that he's supposed to represent our target. It appears that we're supposed xxx 2002 to learn that he's not so tough after all. Not easy, that fat lip must be pretty uncomfortable, but not a superman either. indo xxx I can see the tactic, but he's still pretty intimidating. Of course, now that I've seen you in action, you're pretty intimidating yourself." Marilyn's face assumed an amazingly vacant look, then xxx video she giggled and tossed her head to one side, "Moi? Intimidating? Why I don't even xxx porn video know what that big word means. I'm just, like, xxx vids you know, a girl, you know? No way am I, like, what you said." Now it was Sandy's turn to break out xxx hd into uncontrolled laughter at the ditsy airhead imitation Marilyn was presenting. It wasn't perfect, yet, but it was devastatingly funny. She xxx mom looked like deciding what color to paint her nails was a major life decision. Then, just as quickly, the sharp look xxx 2002 was back in her eyes. "We've all got a lot of things to mature xxx learn. Remember what I told you, the mental and deportment aspects are even more important than the physical ones, and those will be tough enough," Marilyn said as she stood. hindi xxx Sandy stood with her and reached to shake her hand. Instead of reaching out her own hand, Marilyn leaned forward and gave Sandy a quick hug and an air kiss, a much more feminine response. Once again, xxx desi Sandy was amazed at the breadth of skill that their leader possessed. She walked back to her room xxx putas shaking her head at the japanese xxx task before her, but re-energized to do her best by the pep talk she had received. 5. xxx bokep Chapter - Tragedy! The trainees settled into a routine that was too busy to be monotonous. Every morning, they worked out at stretching and aerobics, then faced El Supremo. All the trainees sported bruises at various times, yet all found mom xxx within themselves the toughness to face the bully and overcome xxx putas him. Sandy's aikido background allowed xxx bp her the easiest time in this area as well and her position as leader among the enlisted recruits was solidified by her demonstrated competence. They always ate brunch rather than breakfast, always wearing their corsets to keep their stomachs too compressed for large meals. As a result, and as a result of the hormones they xxx hot video started taking, they lost muscle mass, especially in their upper bodies. The team members, including Marilyn, cycled through the infirmary for their various surgeries. In the end, as promised, Sandy developed the shapeliest body, though Marilyn followed a close indian xxx second. The xxx vid others started to develop their own personas, each unique, each attractive. Constance owned the xxx v refined xxx vidio elegance personality so thoroughly that none of the other recruits tried that path. bangla xxx Her most devastating weapon was a coolly-amused smile. It could make any man around feel clumsy and inadequate. Marilyn had the airhead blonde down with hilarious creativity. She trained herself to use almost exclusively one-syllable words, mostly 'like' and 'you know' and 'cool'. Jaymi chose the tomboy route, hindi xxx video remaining androgynous in a surprisingly effective way. She was clearly female, or at least appeared to be, but she kept her xxx hair cut in a shorter style and had the leanest shape of the team. This apparent rejection of femininity was curiously inverted to appear not a deliberate choice, but as though she had grown up in a convent and wasn't sure what it meant to be truly xxx photo a woman. xxx video teen xxx It triggered the masculine protector instinct and at the same time offered the ego-reassuring opportunity to show an innocent girl what a man could do for her without fear of failing standards set by experience. She was the classic hothouse flower just waiting to bloom. Only Sandy really knew that she was also the most sexually experienced xxx hot of them all. Carol, with her hot xxx flaming hair, chose the wanton route. Every sentence carried xxx videos hd a sexual innuendo. Every motion flaunted her new figure, though it was only average. She chose the shortest, tightest skirts, the lowest necklines, the brightest makeup. It made her look easy without quite being cheap. Not a hooker, just a highly-sexed young woman that enjoyed giving and receiving pleasure. Vanna, xxx japan though also a blue-eyed blonde, chose the intellectual path. She dressed conservatively, except for her higher- than-normal heels and seamed stockings. Underneath, her lingerie was always lacy and delicately feminine, though, and she somehow managed to let glimpses vidio xxx of it show. Her xxx videos hd persona was that of a woman too busy for sex, brisk and industrious, yet still yearning for it. One imagined that she read romance novels in the privacy of her home, dreaming of elegant dresses and of strong men before once again leaving for work. It offered the xxx www opportunity to fulfill fantasies that had been building for years, if only the thin crust of ice-maiden defense could be breached. The most effective of them all was Sandy, though. Under Krystal's expert tutelage she had first learned peliculas xxx feminine gestures and movements. Now when she xxx xxx reached bf xxx to shake xxx video download hands, it was hindi xxx video with a gentle wrist and with her palm down, offering as much to xxx photos let her hand be kissed as to be grasped. She chose enticing clothes that claimed to be conservative with skirts just above the knee and modest necklines. Yet the clothes were in fact quite revealing, with high slits xxxx in the skirts and devastatingly-effective lace panels in the tight blouses that threatened, no that promised, to reveal hidden delights with every breath, with every whisper of hot xxx wind, though only for an instant. It was impossible not to watch her, to try and catch that brief glimpse that was sure to appear at any moment. Then she took it further, developing a sensual motion that always ended up with a hip thrust just far enough to reveal the curve of her perfect thigh, always had her looking through long lashes or an errant wave of lustrous hair at those around her, a demure expression belied by the grin that lurked within sex xxx those emerald gems. She wore her wig for film xxx the longest time among the team, porno only giving it up when her own hair reached toward her waist in shining waves even more beautiful xxx mom than the false hair she had finally abandoned. She trained her voice to be light and musical, delightful to hear. Her expertise with makeup kept her always at the dewy-eyed edge of innocence, at one moment appearing barely 15, at the next perhaps 20. If this damsel were ever in distress, men would come running from far counties to xxx jepang seize xxxx the chance porno to help her, and she learned xxx sex video a delicate pout that always made her seem slightly distressed. That impression became more real than she wanted it to www xxx video be when they finally got to learning the skills of thievery, especially lock-picking. Though she managed xxx www to work the problems that challenged them, it was always laborious and slow. Jaymi, on the other hand, could open most padlocks, handcuffs, doors, whatever almost as fast with a paperclip xxx hot or a hairpin as with the designed key. The two teammates spent long hours together trying to bring Sandy's skills up to the xxx gonzo necessary standard. At times she felt she would never get it well enough to play her part in whatever plan was lurking behind Marilyn's ditsy disguise. When they all got long fingernails, Sandy almost despaired. Marilyn found her sitting by a picture window late one evening, sobbing silently. "What's wrong?" the blonde asked gently, no trace of airhead emptiness about her. "I just can't get the hang of lock-picking, and now with these," she said waving her scarlet spears in frustrated speechlessness. "I'm afraid you'll wash me out." "Don't worry about it," Marilyn consoled her. "You'll do well enough. We're a team, remember? I want everyone to have enough skills to fill in www sexvid xxx for those who might not make it, but there are several of us who can pick locks well enough. I've already figured out other tasks for you. I want you xxx movie to try your best on lock-picking, just like bangla xxx you do on everything else, but I won't count on you for that particular skill except as a backup plan, gonzo xxx just as there are things where others will back xxx. you up. Trust me, I told you we'd help you through the rough parts." "Really? You mean I'm doing okay?" Sandy begged for reassurance. "Really. You're doing okay," Marilyn declared. Sandy forced xxx sexy a weak smile through her tears, then hugged xxx video com Marilyn like the big sister she had become. The two pretend women, or woman and girl, xxx video just held each other for a moment. Finally Marilyn stirred enough to let Sandy know she wanted to be released, and the two stood side by side looking out the window. "What is your plan for us?" Sandy asked, trying to get the conversation off its intensely emotional level. "I can't say, yet, there's still some intelligence data we need. But I can let you in on another secret. We're all going to get a pass this weekend." "What?" Sandy couldn't believe it. In ten months, they had never left the compound. To the best of her knowledge even Marilyn and Constance had never left. The girl's training in feminization, thievery, and unarmed combat was nearly complete. All could pass anywhere as women, desirable, beautiful, sensual women. At least, they thought they could. Sandy realized phim xxx as xxx tentacion video 2019 soon as she heard Marilyn's words, though, that lurking deep in her heart xxx videos was a fear that real men, or real women, would see through their disguises. "This weekend we're all going out on the town. Dinner, maybe a few nightclubs. We'll call it trolling for boys, xxx hindi video and see how many each of us attracts. My money's on you, actually, but," and her personality changed with a toss of her golden curls, "I'll like, you know, try my best. Maybe some cute boy will like me. xxx japan Wouldn't that be like, totally awesome?" Sandy giggled in appreciation of the compliment, and xxx vidio of the joke. Fooling www xxx a roomful of xxx indonesia horny men would be a xxx hd real challenge, one that each of the girls would need to face someday. It looked like the test would come soon. They were excused from physical training the next day, including their hand-to-hand combat class. Sandy realized that El Supremo had been taking it easy on them lately. None of the girls sported bruises, at least, none that would show. He had not been so lucky. All of the team could regularly xxx sex videos make him pay for any damage inflicted, www xxx com with compound interest and penalties. Still, he soldiered on, trapped as much in his role as they were in theirs. He had become pathetic in their minds, xxx hindi not terrifying. Just as Marilyn planned all along. The girls spent their time preparing for their night out. By this time they had learned to move as well as could be expected in their corsets. After all the figure training, they felt more xxx sex comfortable with them on. They wore heels almost all the time now, usually at least 5 desi xxx inches in height. In fact, just as the corsets had shrunk their waists, the towering spikes worn constantly peliculas xxx outside the brief stretching period every morning had resulted in enough shrinkage of their ankle tendons that they were more comfortable in heels than flats. Early in the evening they gathered in the lounge for an informal mutual inspection. Their respect for each other was too great for the pettiness of pecking orders, but they still needed reassurance in their own beauty, gained in part by realizing their differing indian xxx video approaches were all valid mom xxx and effective. Though not part of a deliberate plan, it was clear that they had formed into two basic xnxx styles. One group composed of Marilyn, Carol, and Sandy emphasized a fun-loving, xxx sex videos exuberant style, while the other group, Constance, xxx indonesia Jaymi, and Vanna, were living examples of refinement and elegance. All were clearly party girls out for a night on the town, though. Skirts were high and tight, sexy xxx heels were very high and very slim, makeup was sparkling. Purses were arranged, documentation was checked against their new identifications. They gravitated together according to their personas and went to the two cars xxx gay that they would use for the night's excursion. In order not to look www xxx too structured, they would actually act as xxx tentacion video 2019 two groups tonight, on similar schedules but not really together. The rendezvous at the restaurant sexy xxx and night clubs would appear coincidental. Marilyn's head-tossing chatter and Carol's constant innuendoes kept Sandy giggling helplessly for the entire trip to town. It was videos xxx only as they approached it that she realized she hadn't even known indian xxx what state they xxx hamster were in. It turned out to be Montana, if it mattered. They had reservations at the restaurant, but there was a short wait so they fluttered into the bar like a flock of light-hearted doves. Their more reserved compatriots trailed by a few minutes but soon ended up in the same area. "Heads up, girls," Marilyn tamil xxx whispered, "show time." Her comment had been triggered by a too-casual drift toward their table by a couple of